Portable Water System… has many features that enhance portability and efficiency

  • 45 000 Litre Capacity
  • Can discharge water at a rate of up to 15 000 Litres/minute
  • Transported easily with standard prime mover
  • Hydraulic raise and lower of tank
  • Removable diesel motor/pump
  • Long or Short term hire

The Rural Quip “Down Pour” system, commonly referred to as Stand Tanks, provide a method to quickly fill water distributors on a construction site.

The stand tanks are typically filled using water supplied from a town water hydrant or open water pump on a creek bed that can only operate on a slow draw. The hose from the hydrant, etc. is hooked to a fill pipe at the back of the stand tank and if necessary can be controlled using a floating mechanism.

The system provides the advantage of allowing the water distributor to operate while the stand tank is filling. When the water distributor needs to refill, the stand tank can discharge up to approximately 15000 LITRES/MINUTE.

The stand tank is easy to transport utilising a standard semitrailer kingpin for a prime mover attachment. The unit can be ready to transport empty within a matter of minutes.
Set up is also quick. At a level prepared site the stand tank can be operational in less than twenty minutes. A removable diesel driven hydraulic pump supplies the power to lift the tank to provide a 3.5m height under the discharge spout.

Trials have highlighted the savings where a 40 minute conventional pump in fill can be reduced to 3 minutes. This provides a higher efficiency to grader and compactor machines waiting on water. In some instances the stand tank can be located on or beside the construction site this further saving on water truck travel time.

The Rural Quip “Down Pour” system is available for long or short term hire.